Dewan Global Initiatives or DGI for short is the campaign towards ‘Redefining DPMM initiatives to explore new markets’. Led by the DPMMKL ‘TRIPS Program’ this initiative will translate towards the development of a professional and sustainable business network ecosystem that complements the initiatives of the Government. Malaysia Enterprise provides the local touch point, direct communication, actionable involvement and unified business leadership across the DPMM Business Ecosystem.

Dewan Global is planned the umbrella of activities and program to enrich experience of DPMM members and facilitate product reach to new markets. The initiative will encompass 4 circles which include the Network, Training, Trips and Marketplace formembers.

The circles represents areas that will help businesses in each area. With the first being getting registered in the Network and enrich members with knowledge through experience and resources from the program. TRIPS program will provide better experience to member’s on foreign marketplace and through the Dewan Marketplace member’s can participate at Trade Fairs Internationally.

The four areas that encompass Dewan Global:

Global Entrepreneur Network (GEN) regularly organize and participate in Forums and Talk Events that can be used as platform for thought leadership.

Training and resources is always important in any organization. Under Dewan Global, the online web / mobile web will be the main informative centre for the initiative.

TRIPS program as its named suggest will be engaged in forming and attending trade delegations, exhibitions, conferences, business matching and market development / research activities .

Dewan MarketPlace is a program to develop the SME local product & services in accelerating its international exposure with opportunities through the marketplace incubation.