Become a Member

  • Please download the form provided and submit the form to the nearest Malay Chamber of Commerce (State / Centre). – You can also get the Membership Form at the Malay Chamber of Commerce (Center / State) nearby
  • An individual, a company or a business may only be a Member of a State or Federal Territory only and
  • Under one Clause only, either on an individual, company or business, except
  • For an application to become an Associate Member under Clause 6.3.4 and Member of the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia under Clause 6.4.1 of this Constitution made directly to the Headquarters of the Malay Chamber of Commerce.

Under Clause 6, members under the auspices of the Committee are:

  1. Ordinary Member
  2. Associate Member
  3. Expert Members
  4. Honorary Member

Honorary Members

  • Any individual individual who thinks and considers reasonable and deserves to be Honorary Member of the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia by the Executive Council of the chamber, and
  • Any individual who considers reasonable and qualified to be an Honorary Member of the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia by the State Committee.
  • An application to become an Ordinary Member, Associate Member and Affiliate Member shall be made by filling out the Membership Application Form set by Executive Council.
  • An individual or a business may only be a member of a state and under one Clause only, either in the name of an individual or a business company.

Benefits of Becoming Members

Honorary members are: –

  • Every name and company registered as a Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia member is included in the directory and board data bank. This is used to introduce member companies to the government, government agencies, Malaysian embassies abroad, domestic / foreign private and financial institutions to identify eligible Bumiputera traders to carry out their projects.
  • The Malay Chamber of Commerce members are also given priority in participating in training courses, seminars, forums, dialogues and various activities organized by the Chamber of Commerce for a minimum fee.
  • By becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Malay traders are able to expand the business relationship / reunion with each other or with outsiders.
  • For members with business problems, Chamber of Commerce provides counseling services as well as other assistance and services required by Chamber of Commerce members.
  • The board also provides several facilities for its members to get fax, photostat, computer, meeting / conference room and issue a Certificate of Origin.