Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin (COO) is a document for verifying the place of growth, production or manufacture of products. It is required when exporting to a particular country, as well as when requested by the consignee for customs clearance, or when specified in the letter of credit.

THE BOARD has been authorized by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) to issue Certificate of Origin for goods exported to any country in the world. It can be applied at our main office or at any branch of the Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia. The Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce is referred to as a Certificate of Origin.

APEC Business Travel Card

APEC Business Travel Cards will facilitate cardholders to conduct travel business in any APEC countries involved. Among the benefits received are: –

  • Quick entry and exit via special APEC at major airports, and short-term admission to these countries for at least 59 days stay per visit
  • Cardholders do not have to apply for a visa or permit entry every time you go to any APEC country involved.
  • Card valid for five years after issue first issue.

The Chamber of Commerce only provides supporting letters only and not the confirmation of the APEC Business Travel Card.

Visa Application

DBSC can provide support confirmation letters for entrepreneurs who require business visa applications to Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

There are some documents required before the confirmation letter can be issued.